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At AlphaOmega, we believe that water has the potential to not only support, but to uplift our entire well being. Water provides nourishment to our subtle bodies as well as our physical body.

The unique craftsmanship of the AlphaOmega Water Activator is made with original spiral structuring that mimics the universal DNA life principle.

Glass of Alpha omega water

It is our belief that when water passes through a specifically designed vortex, it mirrors nature. The water becomes purified of negative energy and is encoded with new, positive life enhancing qualities.

Utilizing the theory of water memory, the AlphaOmega Water Activator enables tap water to absorb the positive qualities of the crystals and other elements contained in the activator. Everyday tap water suddenly becomes charged with life giving energy, providing support for every aspect of our lives.

Each water activator is personally hand crafted in Riga by those who have a passion for water and its importance in rising the consciousness of humanity. Our mission is to partner with those who share in that same belief.

AlphaOmega Water Activator

If you’re interested in having your own personal water activator please fill out the contact form for a personal in-depth conversation about the immediate benefits it can bring to your life.

The belief of being able to change the structure of water and the ability for water to carry information, sharply goes against modern day accepted principles within the scientific community. It is not our intention to make any scientific claims or facts about “water memory” or “water structure”, but here at AlphaOmega, we believe in more than the eye can see…

For a more in-depth conversation about the AlphaOmega Water Activator please contact us personally.

We love giving talks about the importance of water and the major role it plays in our everyday life. If you would like to organize a talk ranging from 4 or more people near you, please contact us personally via the contact form.

The founder of AlphaOmega Water, Jakob Mayer, has over 20 years of experience in this field and even though he is located in Europe, loves to travel the world speaking on topics such as “water memory” and “water structure”. Our talks can be fascinating to individuals who are open to hearing about the impact water plays not just on a material level but also the subtle levels.

We believe in working together as a community to spread awareness of the importance of water and offer special incentives for talk organizers. If you would like more information about organizing a talk or attending a talk please contact us.

“The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly into the heart.”
– Viktor Schauberger

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