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At Alpha Omega Water Technologies our cutting edge devices are designed to stimulate
activity in water to fully utilise its beneficial properties.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of water, we provide sustainable green
water technology with zero bio hazard risk for various applications around the world.

Various studies have been published on the effectiveness of magnets on water treatment;

Our devices are built on this knowledge using both high gradient and super-conducting magnets and a variety of other proprietary components;

Which when optimised, create highly effective devices applied in homes, spas, clinics, manufacturing and farming industries.

Due to the effectiveness of our devices, we reference the water run through them as “ACTIVATED WATER.”


Main components of our technology:

– Natural activator built into the device which acts as a catalyst.

– Geometry of the probe to enhance the effect of the elements contained in the device.

*** both components are highly proprietary information

AO Home

Water plays an essential part in the health of families around the world. As water is the elementary condition for life to grow, it can also change yours. Learn more

One of the main components in the AO Home Device is copper in combination with quartz and amethyst. It has been demonstrated clearly in many scientific studies conducted over several decades that copper has rapid, broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy against some of the most toxic species of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The AO Home device is extremely portable and can easily be retrofitted into your existing home plumbing system; allowing your family to realise the full benefits of the AO Home device while drinking, showering and gardening.


AO Bed

Water has the potential to not only support, but also to uplift our entire wellbeing. Through years of research and development, we have discovered that water has amazing properties not previously known to western medicine. Learn more

As modern day technology advances, we are able to incorporate the elements contained in our devices with teachings from eastern medicine, to fully utilise the positive effects of magnetic fields on water.

The AO Bed device is portable and can easily be retrofitted into existing spas and clinics, as well as therapy beds used in a wide range of applications.


AO Hydro

Water plays a crucial role in the farming and manufacturing process. By fully utilising the benefits of AO Hydro, the processes can be more efficient, resulting in cost savings and a higher quality product. Learn more

Studies have shown that magnetised water has a higher pH, conductivity and osmotic pressure compared to non-magnetised water. Therefore it has better permeability through microbial cell membranes. The change in water characteristics, in turn, can influence the metabolic activity of bacteria and their enzyme activity affecting the microflora of an entire ecosystem. In combination with the proprietary components contained within AO Hydro and the craftsmanship of the device, we can excel many benchmarks set for the farming and manufacturing industry.

The AO Hydro device is extremely portable and can easily be retrofitted into existing farming and manufacturing plumbing systems.


Scientific Studies

Various independent published studies have shown that magnetic fields under certain conditions can have a beneficial effect on microbiological activity.

Benefits include enhanced enzyme production and oxygen uptake rates; whilst magnetic fields can also be used to remove colour, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals.

These published studies have shown that magnetic flux rates need to be optimised to achieve the above benefits; otherwise, there can be no benefit or even worse a negative inhibitory effect.

Alpha Omega Water Technologies has spent the last 20 years optimising our devices through research and development to achieve the highest benefits possible.

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