About Us


Long before the Alpha Omega Water® revolutionary technologies were conceived, the seeds of their creation were being planted. The founder of the Alpha Omega Water® Jakob Mayer was captivated by an early structured water technology implemented by the company he cooperated with using natural elements. While working with this technology, he experienced the qualities of water that brought subtle energy shifts and eagerly continued his journey of research and investigation.

In early 2000's Mayer in collaboration with this company was actively sharing knowledge about water technology with others. The reactions amazed him – people sat enthralled listening for hours. His passion for exploring water’s hidden potential grew stronger. But early testing showed that this technology lacked some key properties. This led Mayer to envision taking water structuring technology much further.

Ironically when suggestions for improvement were made, the structured water technology developers rejected them, insisting their water was already perfect. 

While using the early devices of structured water technology developers, Mayer kept pondering advanced configurations echoing quantum physics and nature’s principles. But he knew true innovation requires patience and grace.

Years later after gaining deeper insights in collaboration with prominent water researchers, powerful inspiration guided Mayer to finally develop his own, vastly elevated system – the Alpha Omega Water® device.

The Alpha Omega Water® goes far beyond previous technologies in structure and precision. Mayer attributes its essence to combining divine revelation and persistence in rigorous scientific research. 

His water research provided critical preparation, insight and humility. This fascinating path illustrates how we each follow life's flow, gathering essential pieces until our greater purpose unfolds.

Soon after inception in Germany in 2009, the Alpha Omega Water® production moved to Latvia (EU) in 2016 where it remains today, continuously improving the technology and operating the sales globally. Hundreds of  Alpha Omega Water® devices have been installed across the globe and continue working for the welfare of all. 

We are honoured to carry on this meaningful legacy.

You are invited to share this wonderful journey with us too.

Our vision is a world where the true potential of water is unlocked, elevating global consciousness and enhancing humanity's connection with nature.
We envision people empowered with the knowledge of how to structure water for optimal energetic flow and holistic wellbeing.
We envision a future where structured, coherent water is accessible to all as a sustainable resource for planetary and personal harmony.
Our vision goes beyond business success - it is of individuals awakened to deeper dimensions of themselves and the universe through water's hidden teachings. We strive to play our part in this unfolding.
Our core values guide everything we do as a company
We believe in taking a whole-system approach and considering multidimensional impacts, not just isolated benefits. Water teaches interconnectivity.
We constantly strive to be at the leading edge of research and technology while building on ancient wisdom. Nature is always evolving.
Our processes aim to work in harmony with natural cycles, avoid waste, and regenerate ecological balance. Water is life.
We operate with openness, honesty and the highest ethical standards in all our pursuits. Water teaches purity of essence.
We endeavor to make structured water available to all who resonate with its purpose of self-realization and collective flourishing. Water connects us all.
Our values reflect key lessons from the philosophy of water. They keep us mindfully focused on the deeper meaning behind our technology as we progress on this journey of co-creating with nature's wisdom.