How it Works

The Alpha Omega Water® technology uses a range of electromagnetic frequencies that interact with and structure water. This creates an energetic, multi-dimensional effect in the water.
The Alpha Omega Water® instrument takes tap water through an intricate process to create an energized and optimized state of water to bring your body into balance. The proprietary methods of this technology leverage nature's code for holistic wellbeing.

The Alpha Omega Water® gently supports detoxification and is safe for regular consumption for most people. In rare cases intake may need to be limited and gradual.

Overall the technology is designed to retune the body holistically without adverse effects.
The one-of-a-kind higher intelligence technology within Alpha Omega Water® system ensures that every individual receives all the necessary support at every given moment. This is where the mystery and miracles begin.


Alpha Omega Water® Technology Explained

Vortex Activation
Powerful swirling DNA-shaped vortex motions imprint natural, healthy flow patterns for hydration, detoxification and energy activation


Crystalline Imprinting

Crystal energies capture and transmit higher dimensional light for creating energetic balance within the body


Noble Metals
Silver and gold imbue their purification, conductivity, and crystalline order properties

Electromagnetic Harmonization
Bio-compatible frequencies bring the water into energetic alignment and coherence for resonance with the body’s fields

Electromagnetic Light
Full-spectrum electromagnetic light frequencies imprint optimal coherent properties



Strategic magnets structure the water and program it with natural polarity

Higher Intelligence
Subtle energy techniques enhance life-promoting vibrational codes and information for elevating consciousness


Installation Requirments
The Alpha Omega Water® device (220011) is perfect for providing a maximum of 2500 litres of water per hour when used under normal household water pipe pressure (ca. 4 bar). Every device is pressure tested with 16 bar.
The Alpha Omega Water® device is simple to install right into your home or apartment's existing water line or shower. Maintenance is minimal - just an occasional filter change.
Carbon block (antibacterial silver technology) 10 micron filter must be installed just before the Alpha Omega Water® device to protect it and to reduce unwanted chemicals from the tap water. 
Alpha Omega Water® for Total Wellbeing
The Alpha Omega Water® technology teeming with vitality-promoting resonance patterns, healthy frequencies, purifying vibrations, and spiritual alignment codes is designed for the human body.

Regular consumption leads to:

  • Cellular hydration and detoxification
  • Increased energy, stamina, faster recovery
  • Heightened mental clarity and intuition
  • Elevated mood, reduced anxiety and stress
  • Expanded awareness and consciousness
  • Overall mind-body-spirit harmony
Harmonize your energy at the core foundation - water. Experience water as much more than just simple hydration. Feel the resonance, vitality, and cellular renewal from water finely tuned as an elevation tool for mind, body, and spirit.
Become a Harmonic Being and discover your highest vibrational state!
Contact us today to learn more and try Alpha Omega Water® for yourself.