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Dartsch Scientific, Germany

This study was published in Japan Journal of Medicine in 2018.
New research reveals the health benefits of tap water treated by the Alpha Omega (AO) water activation system. Studies conducted by Dartsch Scientific in Germany found AO-activated water enhanced cell vitality and regeneration compared to regular tap water.
The studies focused on two key cell types - connective tissue fibroblasts and white blood cell neutrophils. Fibroblasts are crucial for wound healing, while neutrophils fight infection.
Experiments showed a dose-dependent increase in basal metabolism of both cell types when treated with AO water versus tap water. The maximum boost reached 20% for fibroblasts and 40% for neutrophils.
AO water also improved fibroblast migration and proliferation, speeding up wound closure. The researchers suggest daily AO water intake could optimize physical performance by influencing every cell.
According to the inventor, the AO system uses natural materials like lava and quartz along with vortex patterns and electromagnetic fields. This "informs" and structures the water to carry beneficial energetic vibrations.
Exact mechanisms are unknown, but results imply the resonant frequencies interact with cells to "tune" them to a more harmonious state. Effects accumulate with regular use.
While more research is needed, this preliminary evidence indicates structured water could be a simple, daily health booster. The AO system appears to energetically recharge water so it rejuvenates us at a cellular level.
As Dartsch concluded, "From the experiments, a continuous daily intake of AO water can be highly recommended for the improvement and maintenance of well-being."

AKLOMA Bioscience Institute of Sweden


 New Study Reveals Unique Properties of Activated Water

 Recent research from Sweden has uncovered intriguing characteristics of water treated by the Alpha Omega (AO) activation system. Scientists conducted spectroscopic analysis and infrared thermal imaging to compare AO-activated water to regular distilled water.

 The results showed AO water absorbs and emits energy in specific oscillating frequencies not present in normal water. This suggests a more organized, vortex-like molecular structure. 

 According to the researchers, AO water exhibits properties of a proposed fourth phase of water characterized by greater order and coherence. This may have implications for health, as living organisms are thought to require this structured form. 

 The study also used infrared imaging to detect differences in temperature and energy emission between AO and regular water. Thermal patterns revealed sustained, long-range correlations in AO water, indicating stable clustering.

 Lead researcher Benny Johansson states these findings show AO activation shifts water towards an alternative state with higher order and lower entropy. This structuring effect could induce positive biological effects.

 While the mechanisms require further study, the team says these initial results provide tangible evidence of AO water's unique energetic properties. Their experiments validate claims that the AO system can "imprint" stable informational patterns into water.

 Johansson concludes that AO technology may essentially "tune" water to its optimal healthy frequency. As we are mostly water, resonating with coherent, organized water could induce significant physiological benefits.