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Alpha Omega Water® Crystal Device

Alpha Omega Water® Crystal Device

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Elevate your health and awareness with the Alpha Omega Water® Crystal Device - our main system for structuring water in your personal residence.

The Alpha Omega Water® Crystal Device components are crafted using only the purest natural materials:
  • Quartz sand
  • Volcanic lava
  • 99.99% pure quartz crystal case
  • Amethyst and clear quartz crystals
  • Gold, silver and copper elements
Combined in our proprietary vortex chamber, these materials transform ordinary water into a highly coherent liquid matrix primed to elevate body, mind and spirit.
Each glass of this specially tuned water resonates with your natural energetic frequencies to induce a gentle recalibration effect across multiple levels according to your individual needs in any given moment:

Physical - Increased hydration, cellular detoxification, boosted vitality

Mental - Heightened focus, clarity and intuition

Emotional - Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

Spiritual - Deepened meditative states, expanded consciousness, and more.


The Alpha Omega Water® Crystal Device sits unobtrusively in your home ready to structure water on demand for drinking, showering, food preparation, pets, plants and more.

Experience what perfectly optimized water can do for your health, cognition and awareness starting now.
Alpha Omega Water® Crystal Device empowers you to unlock the hidden potential in H2O one glass at a time.
  • Unit Identification Number 220011
  • Length 67cm
  • Diameter  80mm
  • Weight 9 kg
  • Quartz crystal case (99.99% Pure Silicium dioxide)
  • KG Sanco Flexible Copper Pipe
  • Drinking water certified soldering paste
  • Drinking water certified soldering tin
  • To be used under normal household water pipe pressure (ca. 4bar)
  • Pressure tested with 16bar
  House Installation instructions   

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